My journey so far

My journey with Expleo began 11 years ago, as an In-Service Engineer. I started off working on a major gas turbine contract in Derby, where we worked closely with our client to deliver real-time improvements. At first, we were a team of seven but over two years that team grew to over 120 with me working my way through the ranks, from Team Leader to Technical Manager and then Head of Function.

The support and independence I have been given has helped me grow and fulfil my own career aspirations

I quickly went from solving individual issues the customer was facing, to responsibility for the whole project from a functional perspective, technical management support for our processes, quality, and capabilities. I was able to achieve huge cost savings on this project by investigating and solving a manufacturing issue that had been causing major service disruption for our client. This involved sampling parts from engines in service and visiting manufacturing plants to identify the root cause. The solution was to change the manufacturing process and introduce a part replacement strategy for engines in the field. It’s a project I’m proud to have been part of to this day.

After this, I moved into a new role of Head of Function for Post-Design Services, which broadened my expertise into the manufacturing arena as well as my skills in managing a larger team. I was also set the challenge of supporting offshoring activities in India and Germany which involved more travel and was great for my exposure to the rest of the business, and for fostering group collaboration.

In 2017, the business identified that some of the cost-saving services we were providing to one of our clients, could be adapted and sold to our wider portfolio, across various industries. I enjoyed identifying and delivering these customer benefits and was keen to share my insight, so I was given the opportunity to develop this offer and launch to it the wider market. It was great experience for me to be part of the initial marketing exercise to outline our strategy and give the service offer a clear identity to take this to market. The lifecycle cost optimisation service went on to prove very successful for several clients within our portfolio. Today, I am responsible for leading our lifecycle cost optimisation offering globally, as well as for developing and delivering consultancy offerings for our engineering clients in the UK.

Supporting with digital transformation

Across my career, I’ve seen how important digital transformation has become. Expleo has been at the forefront of this and I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute to some key projects, both internally and externally. Back in 2012, I led the team which piloted and enabled the first remote, supplier connection to one of our key client’s network. As we all know, remote connections have now become an essential part of how we engage with many of our customers and colleagues, but this was a novel approach back then. At the time, this was also a big cost saving to our customer and allowed for increased levels of offshoring, in-line with their business objectives. I have also supported defining our digital In-Service strategy, developing our Photogrammetry capability to capture 3D models of components, and adopting Power BI into the business to combine reporting of data from our various systems.

Training and mentoring

Expleo has helped broaden my experience, personally and professionally, working with a diverse range of people from across the world on projects where no two are ever the same. I’m a firm believer that learning is a continual process and I’ve been fully supported in that, achieving chartered engineer status in 2013 and earning a Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt in 2016. Now, I’m helping the next generation of engineers as a mentor to our own graduates, helping them through the IMechE scheme to become chartered themselves, which I find really rewarding.

I love the variety of work Expleo has to offer, I look forward to my new role and what the future has in store for me.

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