My career began at Expleo back in April 2016, as a Business Analyst, an area which I am highly passionate about and has been central to my career. When I found out Expleo were hiring, I wanted to join because of the growth opportunities the aspiring brand offered within the role. Throughout the interview process I was able to see the high level of expertise the people at the company possessed. From the start, it was clear to me that it was a wise career choice, to be part of an organisation with such solid foundations and so much potential.

After a number of years at the company, I am now the Head of Business Analysis in the UK, with a team of ten analysts. The support I have received from Expleo, has really allowed me to practice and develop my leadership abilities, including growing and managing a successful team. Furthermore, my role has enabled me to understand client problems and find solutions, often these solutions offer advantages which go beyond the client alone. It is highly rewarding seeing how our work impacts people in the real world and consequently how we’ve had a part to play in improving their lives.

One of the projects which I was able to see how my work impacts people’s lives was with a high-street bank, where we were working on the implementation of Apple Pay. Our work made it possible for the bank’s customers to make use of the latest technology through contactless transactions on their smartphones. As a result, their customers are now confident that the security is robust and they are able to make convenient and seamless transactions. When you consider how many transactions the average person makes, in just a week, that is a lot of time saved!

It is projects like these that have help develop my own career, as we are always assessing where we can add value to our clients and where improvements can be made. My experiences have pushed me to think outside the box and in turn broaden my expertise. It is inspiring, that having an innovative mindset is encouraged so that we can offer dynamic solutions that improve our clients businesses particularly when it comes to transforming their business.

Case studies