I grew up in south-east India, before moving to Dublin a decade ago. I arrived in Ireland with a degree in Civil Engineering from the GMR Institute of Technology in Andhra Pradesh, as well as a love of mirror writing and extreme sports, such as skydiving and paragliding. Aside from riding the thermals above the stunning Irish coastline, my ambition is to become a test manager.  


My current role has opened many doors already. As a lead QA on software applications in a large public sector organisation, I’ve seen a totally different perspective from my previous experience in retail, telecoms and utilities. Before arriving at Expleo, I’d mostly worked in financial services, so the last few years have proved a steep learning curve. Being a consultant and working directly with clients has given me a lot of self-confidence.

Starting a career in tech was no easy feat. My lack of a tech degree or relevant experience was an obstacle to employment. So, I volunteered for full-time work without pay. That experience helped me to break into the sector. And I haven’t looked back.  

Take it from me: nothing is impossible. A lot more women are now reaching top positions in the tech sector.

It wasn’t always the case, but I now feel there are equal and transparent opportunities for women to progress in technology, with diverse career paths and a good work-life balance. The tech sector gives access to work in multinational companies, allowing you to work in other countries. You get the chance to network with many people from many cultural backgrounds. 

For young girls with an eye on technology, I would recommend exploring computer programming in schools and participating in enterprise-level competitions. You’ll get to know what area of technology you are interested in. Take it from me: nothing is impossible. A lot more women are now reaching top positions in the tech sector. 

Of course, there’s more to be done to bridge the gender gap. I’d love to see more summer internship programmes with an emphasis on encouraging women. This would help women to overcome any fears or concerns they have about tech, and instead focus on the good reasons to take up a new career. 

If you are interested in a career in technology with Expleo, check out the open roles we have across our business. 

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