It has taken time, patience and confidence to establish my voice as a woman in the technology and engineering industry – but the progress I have seen in this time gives me hope for future generations.

Growing up as a child in Aurangabad, India, I dreamed of one day becoming a teacher. I enjoyed showing others what to do, how to solve problems, and how to achieve their potential. These were soft skills; all of which became important in my journey into the technology industry.

I proudly graduated from university with a degree in Computer Science, and by the time I started my career I had developed a burning passion for everything IT. Although I was delighted to be pursuing my dream role, I was faced with some initial challenges in the workplace and sometimes found it difficult to be taken seriously as a woman in this space. Surrounded by many different colleagues and clients, from various backgrounds and with differing attitudes, I had to adapt quickly to find my voice.

I learned a lot from these early experiences, and through developing my skills, taking opportunities, and building my confidence, I established myself in the industry and continued to grow my career.

“It has taken time, patience and confidence to establish my voice as a woman in the STEM industry”

Since joining Expleo (then Verisoft) in India in 2009, I have relocated to the UK, progressed from a Test Analyst to a Quality Assurance Lead, and most recently graduated from Expleo’s Quality Engineering (QE) Enablement programme; all whilst balancing a busy home life and being a mother. Expleo has supported me throughout my journey, giving me the opportunity to develop new skills, grow my knowledge, and push the boundaries within my profession; helping to keep my passion alive.

Today, I can feel that the world is progressing, and with it, we are creating a much more accepting and open environment for all backgrounds and genders in the STEM community. Although there is still some work to be done in becoming a truly equal industry, I feel proud to be in the position that I’m in today, and optimistic that future generations of women will follow their passions in technology and engineering – and become very successful!

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