Leaving university in the summer of 2015 as a mechanical engineering graduate, I was unsure of exactly where I wanted to end up. I loved learning about machinery and the systems behind it, but I found it difficult to narrow down my passions into a job role.

After a few opportunities that did not work out, a good friend referred me to Expleo (SQS back then); the two of us had conversations about the future of engineering, and how software was increasingly underpinning the practice in almost every aspect. That’s when I realised this movement is something I wanted to be a part of – and Expleo could be a great way into the industry.

“Expleo’s graduate programme has given me a strong foundation to build my career, I am still learning every day!”

Kam Khela, Quality Assurance Professional at Expleo UK

I spent some time researching the company, what roles they offered and before long I had made my application. Fast forward four years and Expleo has taken me from a new graduate to a qualified Quality Assurance professional and I have learned so much in that time. I have worked with four major clients – big household names which my friends and family knew of. And I have travelled to some amazing places too; the highlight being a 4 week trip to South Africa to complete my ISTQB training qualification.

Expleo’s graduate programme has given me a strong foundation to build my career. It has helped me to understand the context and importance of quality in multiple aspects. It was fast-paced; we had to learn a range of things very quickly, from technical skills to people skills and adapting to new ways of working and cultures. However, being surrounded by a team of grads who later became great friends, along with a supportive career coach, meant that this was a time of huge growth for me both personally and professionally.

Even today, I am still learning. I believe this is one of the biggest benefits of being a consultant; you have exposure to a range of companies with varying missions and are constantly learning on the job, thinking on your feet to solve different challenges. At Expleo, as our client needs change, we adapt. I’m currently undertaking a Quality Engineering Enablement (QEE) programme, which allows me to cross-skill within my role and be involved in an even broader range of client projects.

I am excited for what the future holds for me and would advise anyone in the same position as myself 4 years ago to take a chance and be a part of this movement.

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