At the leading edge of AI and Blockchain

This was my first job after finishing my Masters at Amsterdam University. I had received offers from a number of leading organisations, but I was impressed by the potential for personal development at Expleo – although I didn’t think it would develop as quickly as it has.


The onboarding programme at Expleo allowed me to hit the ground running. I was able to make a contribution from day one thanks to the rigorous training programmes in South Africa and India, and shadowing experienced colleagues. At university, I enjoyed learning about cultural perspectives as an influence on international management, so I found those weeks abroad extremely interesting. In my current role in Austria, I work closely with colleagues from India, so learning about their business practices proved very useful.

After just two years in my first job, I am now team lead for the digital banking practice. We develop services using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, finding ways to harness this cool technology and innovations in quality assurance. For example, we are working on a banking app that allows SMEs to apply for loans in a totally digital interface, without the need to visit the branch or fill out lengthy forms. Many still prefer to look their bank manager in the eye, but for digital natives, this is exactly the sort of service they now expect.

Management was something I always wanted to do, and so I enjoy being responsible for conducting employee appraisals, and monitoring mission planning. My friends from university say they don’t get the same responsibility in their roles.

In this emerging field, there is no ‘set age’ for being an expert. For my own career, I’ve no idea where I will end up. I can’t imagine anything more boring than doing the same job for 40 years. At Expleo, I am sure that won’t happen!

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