If you give me a challenge, I’ll make it my challenge

Before joining Expleo in 2015, I had worked for 15 years in an automotive Tier 1 company. If we wanted to try out something new, in a new territory, then I was the person who led the change. If you give me a challenge, I’ll make it my challenge, and I will lead from the front, providing a target for others to follow. Others may have different leadership styles, but my own is high-energy all-in commitment.


I am happy to follow others too. The automotive team at Expleo approached me to progress the company’s new turnkey programmes. There was no job description, other than to use my experience to make it work. Here are the keys, take us down the right street. I think when somebody recognises and believes in your abilities, it makes a huge difference to how you work.

I am a bold woman because I recognise that I must step outside my comfort zone to progress.

I was soon involved in a turnkey programme where we had end-to-end responsibility for the design and industrialisation of our client’s new station wagon. Not long after, we were doing something similar for another client.

Today, I am based in Spain as CEO of Spain and Portugal. I was promoted from COO in July 2019. Expleo put confidence and trust in me to lead the region and have fully supported me on my transition to this new role, allowing me to continue to grow and learn.

At Expleo we celebrate bold women, read more about our engagement towards gender diversity and equality in the workplace here.

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