From intern to technical lead, in just one year

Just before I left the University of Rennes, in the west of France, I attended a graduate trade fair. I knew a bit about the work of Expleo, so went to find their stand. They offered me an internship, and that’s where my journey began.


From the start, I’ve had proper responsibilities, whether in delivering projects, testing technical methodologies, project planning and so on. Now, I am technical lead for data mining, working in a team for one of our major automotive clients. Data science is expanding all the time, so we are learning together. Everybody is aged 25-30 years, so it is a lot of fun too. If I don’t know something, I put the question to the group and we work it out.

Data mining allows us to use technology to read the ‘sentiment’ of a document, perhaps the text in a customer feedback survey, to determine whether the customer is satisfied or not. We can then make sure this correlates to any numerical feedback score they may have given.

If anyone told me that I would be a technical lead within a year, I would have thought they were crazy. I’m learning so much about data science, but also management, which I find really interesting. My plan is just to keep learning and keep advancing. With the company expansion, I know there are some great opportunities for digital development, especially around internal R&D. I’d love to get involved in that.

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