In my most recent role, I moved across to the Marine division of our business onto a new contract with a major defence client, heading up operations. The work covers both Design and Stress Analysis support as well as some onsite integration and production support for their manufacturing department.

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From a management perspective, there is nothing more challenging than being at the very start of a new project and supporting a new customer. I have really enjoyed learning new ways of working, developing suitable working practices and procedures and building new customer relationships. Over the past 2 years we have grown from a team of 50 to over 220, and we have also won further projects on the back of this work.

Expleo supports many different customers across various industries from Aerospace, Rail, Automotive and Marine, as well as Project Management, Business Development and Systems work. The variation of work here keeps life exciting!


My team, based in Derby, ranges from technicians, graduates, to senior engineers and managers. Everyone gets on very well and we have become like a large family. We have worked through tough times with COVID-19, but I believe it has brought us closer together. The management team works brilliantly together, with daily team meetings where everyone can bring ideas to the table for discussion.

Expleo has kept me challenged over my time here and has also supported me in developing my career in management. One of the best courses I have been on is Leadership and Management Programme and I believe this has had the biggest impact on my work today.

I am very proud to say I am a female engineer but I have experienced some challenging times in order to get here, especially at the start of my career. Expleo has always encouraged and supported me in my role and is an advocate for women in engineering. Back in 2016 I started a group called WEB (Women in Engineering and Business). I believe that sharing my past experiences is beneficial for other women within the company and it has proved very popular so far!

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