As a business, Expleo intrigued me as I liked what the consultancy offered, in terms of helping clients which faced new and big challenges, in a flash my journey at the company had begun, 4 years ago, in July 2016.

I must say, I feel very lucky to work at Expleo. I have been able to work for a variety of clients across many different projects all over Europe. I have also adopted a number of different roles in different levels of seniority, from board level, working with our CEO, to senior delivery level for a number of clients. Being exposed to so many different industries and roles has given me a wide range of experience, and as a result, has developed my career and fine-tuned my skills to become a stronger consultant. It has allowed me to think outside the box and deliver the best possible advice and solutions to clients.

Primarily working in the Automotive industry, the work we do is helping to make roads safer, not to mention making car journeys more enjoyable for drivers and passengers. We are constantly helping our clients innovate, from connected cars, infotainment and intelligent parking.

To be entrusted with something so important, it inspires me to deliver the best results possible

It is also incredible how transferable my experience is between industries and roles. All the knowledge I have gained in Automotive has supported me in successfully delivering high quality advice and solutions for clients in other industries such as Aeronautics, Banking and Retail.

This transfer of knowledge and the opportunity to work in many industries makes me proud to be part of Expleo, there is such a flexible culture and so much variety in my work, meaning I am constantly engaged. It’s a supportive environment and every time you open your eyes, there’s a very different challenge to be had. That’s what makes Expleo such an interesting company to work for.

As an Expleo employee, I fully support all of our values. They become a natural part of how we work and it’s rewarding to see how our people evolve from client delivery experts to deeply trusted consultants, while embracing these key values. This means that the work we do is only complete when we are certain we have left a reliable legacy of support so that the client can grow and develop. In turn, it constantly feels good to know our work is really making a difference. I have seen my confidence boom, from when I started, as I know there is clear and available support when necessary.

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