A holistic approach to building Digital Operational Resilience within Financial Services in the DORA era.

Digital resilience – the ability to avoid customer service interruptions, recover quickly from spontaneous server outages and fully appreciate the potential vulnerabilities while adopting a proactive risk mitigation strategy – is the new centerpiece of Financial Services in response to DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act).

In our latest market research report ‘Digital Operational Resilience: The New Heart of Operational Risk‘, conducted in conjunction with QA Financial, Accourt Payment Specialists, and Reed Smith, gauge the prevailing sentiments of over 30 UK and European banks, asset managers, insurers, and Fintech firms as it pertains to digital operational preparedness, with European DORA legislation on the horizon.

The report explores:

1. The current state of digital banking and resilience.

2. Digital operational preparedness of the sector for the upcoming European DORA legislation and the gaps to best practice (with case studies from leading global financial institutions).

3. Trends and challenges covering cards & payments, asset management, retail banking, insurance, and capital markets.

4. DORA readiness assessment tool.

5. The significance of third-party vendors and platform suppliers in the era of DORA (with case studies).

6. Guidance on managing, designing, and maintaining a resilient and compliant IT ecosystem and tools to reduce the impact of ICT risks.

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