Successful smartphone app release

Context & challenge

The company chose Expleo for help because it wanted an independent team with in-depth experience of mobile application testing in the financial services sector. To ensure sufficient coverage of the target user base, the app needed to be tested against three major and multiple minor versions of Android on different Samsung, HTC and Nexus mobile devices. The many combinations of software and device created a large matrix of test cases, which would be costly and time-consuming to execute.

The company needed a comprehensive testing service to assure the quality of the new app. Efficient functional testing and test automation was required to shorten testing times and improve quality while security and performance testing would ensure that the entire system was secure and could scale up to support hundreds of concurrent users.

Solution & outcomes

Expleo brought its extensive experience in testing and quality management in the financial sector together with its expertise in mobile testing services to reduce testing resource cost by 30% while providing a platform on which to conduct the full range of security, functional, automated regression and performance tests across over 1,000 test cases. Expleo created a bespoke remote mobile device test environment that mixed proprietary and open source tools, enabling Expleo to conduct the majority of its work offshore. This testing solution provided the client with a mobile device testing platform tailored to its specific needs and at much lower cost than comparable third party off-the-shelf offerings.

Benefits to the customer

Expleo conducted comprehensive security, functional, performance and automated regression testing that helped the client achieve a successful smartphone app release. Benefits of Expleo’s approach included:

  • Offshore remote testing reduced resource costs by 30%.
  • Testing time was reduced by one third, enabling the development team to release more functionality more rapidly. In each test cycle, over 1,000 test cases were executed on nine separate operating system versions across multiple device types.
  • Expleo’ approach was scalable, allowing new combinations of device, software or test cases to be added incrementally for future versions of the app.
  • Testing identified multiple security vulnerabilities, such as insecure password transmission, that could have led to compromises of customer data.
  • Performance testing identified and helped resolve critical performance bottlenecks.

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