Digitising the UK energy sector: How the proactive use of programme and technical assurance has brought continuous improvement to a major transformation programme

Richard Hilton, Director of the Switching Programme at DCC, explains the added value of real-time, independent assurance in this complex, digital upgrade for the UK energy sector. By treating assurance as a strategic tool, rather than a box-ticking exercise, Expleo has become a critical friend of the delivery team.


The Data Communications Company (DCC) are delivering the core systems required for the Ofgem-led Switching Programme, that will allow customers to change energy suppliers faster and more reliably. Consumers will be able to switch their energy supply within 24 hours, leading to increased market competition that will encourage savings for consumers.

Expleo is supporting the DCC in the design, build and test phase of the programme, as Core Systems Assurance partner, working with industry service providers and DCC’s suppliers to ensure systems are functioning, changes are delivered according to timelines, and risks are identified and mitigated.

Richard Hilton has led the transformation programme for DCC over the last two years, adding to his 15 years’ experience in senior operational and programme management roles, including far-reaching change programmes at Vodafone, BT and M&S.

In its simplest form, we are helping to digitise the current UK energy market, so that consumers can switch suppliers more easily and get the best deal possible.

Richard Hilton, Director of the Switching Programme at DCC

Expleo assures the programme for all of the parties under integration, including 27 Distribution Network Organisations (DNOs) as well as more than 20 central system providers for whom DCC owns the delivery. Expleo is also assuring over 160 energy supply companies through its management consultancy business, Moorhouse Consulting. The vast number of parties for integration is the greatest source of complexity on the programme, as each party must interface with a new national system that will process all the live data moving forward.

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