Testing early and often while trending performance metrics with on-demand delivery


Expleo worked with a client operating in an Agile environment producing a suite of webservices. The Webservices were deployed and tested nightly as standard to verify functionality. Performance issues were reported with the webservices periodically which were difficult to troubleshoot.


  • Test environment not scaled for performance testing
  • No existing way of measuring performance in each build
  • Benchmarking and trending of performance between releases was not implemented
  • Limited time and resources to run regular performance tests
  • Shared test environment so other deployments could impact performance
  • Test environment patching could occur at any time without the awareness of the project teams

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Expleo Advanced Solutions Group


Expleo’s Automation Engineers implemented changes to the Auto-Q accelerator framework to implement new timer functionality. These updates mean that custom response timers can be wrapped around functionality in any Auto-Q derived script within minutes.

The Auto-Q libraries were also updated with a code to configure a database connection to allow response times from the Auto-Q timers to be stored in a database.

Expleo’s Data Analysts then created an interactive dashboard to visualise response time data and trending graphs. These offered the client rapid identification of any changes in functionality between test executions.

The response time visualisation was further integrated to the client’s existing reporting dashboard. This enabled performance of the previous day’s deployments to be a key discussion point for the daily stand ups.

Benefits for the customer

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