Expleo transformed a bare shell building in the city of Hyderabad into a modern, state-of-the-art laboratory. The lab features tailored test rigs designed to improve the efficiency, and therefore costs, of vehicle test validation and, ultimately, certification.


Project background & challenge

Our client, a world-leading train and infrastructure manufacturer, aims to create a comprehensive suite of Vehicle Systems Testing facilities across the globe to accommodate the testing requirements of several product families and, as such, ensure that the costs of vehicle testing on the rail networks are reduced. However, in the region of Hyderabad in India, it was lacking an adequate suite of facilities for train systems integration and validation.



First, Expleo modernised the basic existing facility to create test rig laboratory that would be safer, more “human-friendly” and watertight. We then provided civil engineering services and installed hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical equipment, in line with health and safety requirements.

Thanks to our expertise in rail, aerospace and automotive domains, we co-designed the entire supply chain for the civil engineering and test rig team with a key partner and delivered all the necessary commodities. We project managed the entire programme on behalf of the client.

We are now working with the client to support the vehicle test schedules to help minimise the number and complexity of challenges encountered during vehicle testing out on the rail network during certification.



Thanks to our expertise in rail vehicle testing and our global footprint – with three offices in India – we were able to use our unique and vast range of services, from civil engineering to project management, procurement, commissioning and certification, and share best practices to create brand new testing facilities.

In our business, there is generally the perception that engineering services providers, such as Expleo, exist solely to provide support for resourcing and to help to complete a given project. However, Expleo can provide much more, in terms of a value add and a much broader range of services. With new technologies, new and improved processes and working practices, we can deliver tailored and innovative solutions to support the development and validation of products.

Rob Hirst, Global Account Manager of Transportation, Expleo

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