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The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) was about to release a new version of their public website (for search, alerts and more), which included many changes and new features designed to dramatically improve usability of the services and broaden the spectre of services offered.

NIPO wanted to assess the ability of their new website to perform with increased use and altered usage patterns, and to get an external assessment of the security of the new features. NIPO is the Norwegian Centre for intellectual property, providing knowledge and expertise around intellectual property rights.

We are a dedicated team of specialist software professionals, with considerable experience of different clients, industries and technologies. The team provide bespoke, flexible and cost-effective services to enable clients to digitally transform at pace.

Expleo Advanced Solutions Group

NIPO supports Norwegian businesses in securing their investments and competitive position in relevant markets. NIPO operates according to three guiding principles – to be credible, committed and customer focused. As such, they needed to ensure that their public services are robust and secure. They needed specialist testing services deployed in short timescales so they approached Expleo.

Expleo is a trusted technology partner for digital transformation with over 30 years of prosperous operation. Providing a large range of specialist services delivered both locally and remotely, Expleo is the partner of choice for organisations seeking high quality and cost effective testing solutions.



Expleo Advanced Solutions Group specialists discussed a range of possible solutions with the customer and the following services were selected:

  • On-demand cloud-based performance stress test to help identify bottlenecks in the system’s performance
  • On-demand penetration test and vulnerability assessment of external application and infrastructure

Expleo assigned a Norwegian test delivery manager to establish a clear view of the requirements, and to act as the principal local client contact. Using a proven service delivery model, the performance and security specialists at Expleo Advanced Solutions Group in Belfast were engaged to deliver these two services. Speed was of the essence and Expleo responded within a matter or days with an innovative proposal. Once this was accepted by the customer, testing started within 72 hours and was completed 6 weeks later. The customer received exactly what they required, and after a range of improvements and re-tests they had justified confidence in the solution that was released successfully.

Client benefits

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