How retrofit testing averted major disruption to smart meter rollout

Context & challenge

All domestic smart meters must comply with the UK government’s Data Communications Company directive to ensure that consumer energy data can be transferred from one energy firm to another should the user switch supplier. Our client addressed compliance in its smart meter release 4.0 and, inevitably, it required a large number of changes.

smart meter

In total 300 requests for change (RFCs) were to be incorporated, each with the potential to adversely affect core code. Before Expleo’s involvement, testing remained incomplete, sometimes non-existent.

Solution & outcomes

Embedded into the clients’ teams, the Expleo specialists used their detailed knowledge of business processes to propose retrofit regression testing in order to assess the impact of the 300 RFCs. As a result, 35 defects were discovered and fixed. One-fifth of the defects were classified as ‘Severity 1’ and nearly half were classified as ‘Severity 2’.

Spotting severe defects – and spotting them early – meant the client was able to hit a critical release deadline on time. The retrofit regression testing, implemented and executed by Expleo, avoided the launch of an inferior product and ensured customer satisfaction levels were maintained.

“Expleo has identified areas of risk where test coverage is missing and has been key to integrating less experienced team.”

Operations Manager

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