Bringing stability and structure to a leading global manufacturing organisation

Context & challenge

The client, a leading automotive manufacturer, needed to implement a foundation of visibility, insight, and control within a transformation programme which had been a key strategic initiative for many years.

Prior to Expleo’s involvement, the programme had been running without a Project Management Office (PMO), making its complexity and scale difficult to control. As a result, a lack of governance within the programme meant the teams involved were working inefficiently and ineffectively, often in silos.

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The committed investment, and the client’s future plans for its manufacturing software, meant the stability a PMO would bring had become critical. Although this was understood, the client still failed to appreciate the level of dedication and management required to do so successfully.

This generated the requirement of (and presented the need for) an external partner to come in and ease the transition towards operating in a significantly more structured way.

Solution & outcomes

Expleo was able to introduce a more advanced, clear, and holistic approach to building a PMO within the client’s organisation.
A focus on leadership was prioritised, giving direction and shape to the long-term strategy, while simultaneously minimising the risks and maximising the potential for the PMO’s ongoing operation.

Expleo took ownership where there previously had not been any, and added a much-needed governance to all roles and responsibilities involved in the transformation programme.

Business analyst capability was also embedded by Expleo to help provide additional definition and consistency to the requirements of the solution, and ensure the needs of the business were captured in the delivery of the programme moving forward.

The capabilities Expleo’s team offered were enhanced by the structure and quality developed as part of building and operating the PMO, bringing visibility, insight, and control to the programme.

Expleo was also able to provide broad knowledge and expertise related to digital transformation initiatives, supplementing the depth of the client’s existing capabilities in that area.

This helped drive a focus on quality into the programme, challenging development practices and supplier delivery, to increase the overall quality of the software application being developed.

The client has now transitioned its digital transformation programme to a more focused system, with a well-functioning PMO able to take the lead moving forward, and an emphasis on management and control.

Over the six-month project timeline, Expleo instilled the foundations and direction to allow the client to successfully proceed into the next phase of its development and keep it on track to deliver its new products utilising the new system.

Quality is key

Quality is essential to protecting any investment, and this was equally important to the client in this case.

The client needed quality present in all facets of the programme’s delivery. Implementing and operating the PMO fundamentals were also vital in ensuring the complexity of the project didn’t become overwhelming. This included specialist coaching and guidance from director level downwards, throughout the teams involved in the programme. That also involved helping the client’s leaders put in place a programme charter. This consisted of key components such as a clear roadmap, logical structure and processes, extensive documentation, and best practices for taking responsibility in keeping the delivery of any future programmes on course.

A further benefit Expleo afforded the programme leadership through the successful execution of a new PMO was creating detailed reporting for them to take to their board, which now allows ongoing review and approval for additional funding and new technologies.

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