Managing the risks of global digital transformation for a $1tr-asset organisation

Context & challenge

The strategic decision to become a totally digital organisation offers attractive opportunities in terms of revenue growth and cost saving. However, digital transformation also brings technological, strategic, operational, security and regulatory risks. In today’s highly competitive digital market, hard-won customer trust and confidence can be quickly lost.

Client case study: Leading insurer

In order to keep that inherited trust, your systems have to evolve rapidly and maintain the highest level of quality. Our client, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, serving over 80 million customers across 70 countries worldwide, therefore needed to implement a testing centre of excellence (TCoE) to guide, govern and navigate its organisation to assure quality at every stage of the transformation.

In particular, our client needed help in:

  • Developing an agile process where user story definitions were more consistent, complete and traceable
  • Achieving efficient and effective quality strategies to accelerate time to market and lower the cost of quality
  • Improving its quality leadership and innovation

Solution & outcomes

Expleo offers unmatched hands-on experience in implementing a TCoE, with a tried-and-tested step-by-step process that customises the right fit for a global client of this size.

The programme was to span many individual projects over several years, so our client needed a reliable supplier who would own the role from start to finish. Drawing on our continuous quality platform, quality management services, quality engineering and testing services, we were able to move our client to world-class status.

A key step was the transformation of their core software platform. Known simply as the CBS (company business system), this ran many of the daily operations across its many business units and across multiple countries. Our team provided quality assurance as legacy systems were replaced, existing services consolidated and brand new services were delivered to a highly competitive market.

We have partnered with the client for almost 10 years, maintaining a constant focus on evolving our services to support ongoing development initiatives to the CBS. By taking responsibility for programme quality, we helped them to achieve their vision of becoming a digital group.

“We had complete control of the testing factory, taking the responsibility for critical testing out of our client’s hands completely.”

Prachi Kshirsager, Digital QA Analyst

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