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A major public sector department requested support from Expleo with testing of a critical mapping solution. The system is used extensively to facilitate annual grant applications. The application process is under EU regulation and delays in grant applications could result in considerable fines, meaning application performance is critical.

Expleo were engaged as Software Quality Assurance Partners to support the organisation on its digital transformation programme. Performance Engineering was provided to the client using our On-Demand specialist shared service.



  • Limited real world understanding of how the application was used by its end users
  • Mapping applications and associated customisations are technically challenging to test using typical performance testing techniques
  • Timescales for testing were limited and engagement was late in the software development lifecycle
  • Significant data and environment availability challenges
  • Regular code deployments throughout testing critically impacting performance testing assets

We are a dedicated team of specialist software professionals, with considerable experience of different clients, industries and technologies. The team provides bespoke, flexible and cost-effective services to enable clients to digitally transform at pace.

Expleo Advanced Solutions Group


  • Review of existing performance testing processes
  • Requirements analysis and volumetric review completed to ensure valid performance tests were implemented
  • Load Testing Tool evaluation process to identify the most appropriate tool choice
  • Highly innovative technical solution using front-end based performance protocols
  • Fast, short notice start-up time to meet client delivery schedules
  • Robust technical solution producing testing assets that were more resilient to code changes during testing thus reducing the cost of rework
  • Development of performance engineering skills on project team
  • Transfer of skills required to operate Expleo technical solution to client team

Client benefits

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