How Process Automation (PA) generated time and cost savings, and increased compliance.

Automation is fast becoming a key differentiator among global insurance providers. With pressure increasing on teams to meet the growing demands of customers, organisations must find new ways to stay relevant, compliant, and profitable. 

Working in partnership, PA was implemented and improved across several key functions to deliver cost and time savings, and increase compliance across the board

With its PA journey already underway, our client turned to Expleo to accelerate its progress towards these aims. The Expleo team immediately got to work integrating with existing automation squads to enhance current programmes and increase the process pipeline for future automations.


  • Obtaining and combining data from multiple sources
  • Optimising partly automated processes
  • Processing over 100,000 customer records in reasonable timeframes


Expleo’s multi-skilled team of consultants implemented process automation along with a range of complementary integrated technologies.

Combining Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate with a Blue Prism process we automated adjuster compliance. A notification is now sent to adjusters informing them of the need to complete a claim or contact the customer before the deadline. Around 2,000 claims are now processed daily, with timely communication to customers improving significantly.

With previous week-long processes reduced to hours and seamless integration between departments and systems, Expleo has helped this leading Global Insurance company amplify the impact of every member of its team.

Expleo has been a tremendous partner in our organization’s RPA journey. The team brings automation expertise in development, strategic delivery and training. They can help you determine how to prioritise opportunities, assess value, and deliver automations across an enterprise.

Product Owner,  Emerging Tech

COVID-19 continues to impact organisations across the world. For those like our client, with PA in place, tactical solutions deployed within days have provided a lifeline.

Our client offered a relief refund to support customers during the challenging time, with each claim noted in its tracking system.

Without process automation, combining multiple data sources and manually adding notes to applications took three minutes per record. This was not practical when serving over 100,000 customers.

With Power Query, the Expleo team combined data from multiple sources into a single file. This enabled bots to add data to the work queue and begin processing right away. By leveraging API’s to run tasks, the development process took less than a week.

Claim processing time was under one second per record with an exception rate of less than 1%.


Benefits Achieved

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