The digitalisation of operational knowledge is a pillar of transformation. Expleo trained its client’s employees (a leading pharmaceutical laboratory) in creating digital work instruction cards in the PICOMTO software, developed by publisher Allianzes.

As part of the transition to Industry 4.0, our client is digitalising its technical documentation on cards in the PICOMTO software to increase operational efficiency and collect data to improve performance.

Project background & challenge

Many manufacturers today still use paper versions of technical documents and traditional software solutions, causing multiple problems since manual entry can lead to errors, difficult updates and obsolete versions. This can potentially have a negative impact on the quality and safety of production. Having armed itself with the PICOMTO digital solution to modernise its operations and digitalise its documentation, our customer called on Expleo to help train its employees in the highly regulated sector of drug manufacturing, with strict requirements imposed by regulators, including the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).


Thanks to its “Digital Instructions Solution” offering, Expleo, a partner of Allianzes, publisher of the PICOMTO software, benefits from the experience and skills required to provide adequate solutions to the production sector. Expleo’s trainers, who know the PICOMTO solution inside out, divided the end users into two types: the “creators” of the digital files used in the manufacturing environment (around 150 people with knowledge in methods, technical design, quality etc.) and the “administrators” (around 10 people) trained in license management. Expleo carried out the training in two stages: first, we delivered training engineering and identified deliverables. Then, we set up intermediate delivery milestones, allowing the customer to validate the work in different stages.


Despite the global health crisis, our trainers were able to adapt to the specifics of remote training and we helped our client’s employees meet the PICOMTO digital solution’s key training objectives. When the project ended, the creators were able to put PICOMTO’s basic functionalities into practice. As for the administrators, they are now able to manage the customer’s digital industrial documentation. During the process, the trainers also succeeded in integrating cultural differences by offering the client’s workforce a tailor-made training course.

With a customer satisfied with our service, this first and successful experience of Expleo’s partnership with Allianzes demonstrated our ability to adapt optimally to the sanitary context. Another positive outcome : we were able to offer training in a foreign language

Jean-Luc Chasserot, Project Manager Training Engineering, Expleo Academy

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