Expleo has been volunteering its expertise in engineering, quality and strategic development to the Clinatec Endowment Fund for the development of a brain-machine interface that allows quadriplegic patients to regain mobility by mentally controlling an exoskeleton, known as the BCI project (“Brain Computer Interface”).

By coordinating an agile and innovative team and supporting the numerous technical challenges faced, Expleo helped Clinatec create a neuroprosthesis implantable on the surface of the patient’s motor cortex, which collects and transmits brain signals in real time to control the four limbs of an exoskeleton.


A revolutionary project where Expleo tapped into its aerospace expertise

During the clinical trial, a young quadriplegic patient was implanted with the device. The movement intentions could be captured and decoded, and the patient was able to regain lower and upper limbs mobility thanks to an exoskeleton. A challenge met thanks to Expleo’s core skills, but also thanks to its exploratory activities linked to feasibility research, and a strategy of partnerships.

BCI is an exceptional project, which implements cutting-edge technologies. This type of ambitious project allows us to attract better talent and improve our medical skills so we bring them to other clients.

Romain Saiget, Business Director, Healthcare & Life Science


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