What’s the context?

A world without the internet is impossible to imagine. Its influence is felt everywhere, breaking social barriers and powering the modern economy. It has become so important, Tim Berners-Lee has added his voice to the calls to make internet access a human right alongside freedom, education and democracy. Yet today, more than 40% of the world’s population – especially in rural and developing areas – doesn’t have access to the internet and are excluded from its cultural and economic benefits.


What did we do?

Expleo, as one of Airbus’ partners, is expanding internet access worldwide through a 900-strong constellation of satellites. The use of compact yet powerful satellites mitigates against a lack of wired infrastructure in remote locations, providing high-speed, affordable internet to previously cut-off communities. Expleo’s proven engineering expertise in space engineering and support services has been integral through the assembly, integration, tests and launch phases of the programme including some EGSE development.

What’s the impact?

The OneWeb Airbus satellite project is directly addressing the digital divide, bringing internet access to more of the world. This will support applications across from education to healthcare, as well as industrial applications. As such this will improve quality of life and boost economies in previously unconnected areas.

What’s next?

Since Expleo supported the initial launch of 6 satellites from Kourou, Guyana further deployments have taken place. Satellite networks are a key component of the 5G age of mobile broadband and will support the huge demand for connected services worldwide.

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