The context

The logistics market has been undergoing a revolution since the arrival of intelligent and autonomous systems. These solutions are also useful for quality inspection processes in different industries to automate certain tasks and facilitate the transmission of information.

The project

The aim of the project Co-drones is to launch a cooperative fleet of drones that can map areas, identify objects or people, and deliver loads. Designed to be autonomous, the drones can self-organise according to different parameters such as location.

This innovation is designed to deal with delivery issues. It can be extended to quality inspection in different industries, whether rail, nuclear power, aerospace or marine.

A fleet of drones, unlike a single drone, increases performance and productivity. It allows a better cost-saving policy thanks to its wider geographic coverage and longer range.

Expleo’s expertise in action

  • Autonomous systems
  • System-to-system communication
  • Indoor localisation
  • Machine learning
  • Image and video processing
  • Mechanical engineering

What’s next?

This solution of self-organisation of a system composed of several intelligent equipments can be extended to other applications besides drones (ex: robots, cameras, …).

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