R&D project led by Expleo in association with 7 partners

The context

The EU’s REACH regulation is revolutionising the aerospace market by banning certain chemical substances from use in the manufacturing process. Industries are encouraged to develop alternative methods that will produce materials with a reduced ecological impact.

The project

New bio-composites produced from long bamboo fibres can reduce aircraft weight and fuel consumption, guarantee resistance and vibration absorption, while saving costs. It is also a widespread crop that can be industrialised without harming natural resources.

The BAMCO project, led by Expleo, aims to pre-industrialise bio-composites from bamboo fibres and bio-based resins to replace glass/phenolic composites used as cabin cladding panels.

Our partner

Expleo is associated with 7 key partners with complementary expertise: Arkema, Cirimat, Cobratex, Compositadour, Lisa Aeronautics, Mecano ID and Specific Polymers. The project has been certified by Aerospace Valley and subsidised by Occitania and
Normandy regions and Bpifrance.

Expleo’s expertise in action

  • Material engineering expertise from research to industrialisation
  • Design and implementation of prototype parts
  • Testing according to aeronautical standards

What’s next?

After three years of research, Expleo has started the pre-industrialisation stage with a view to manufacture prototype parts by 2021. In a cross-fertilisation approach, this innovation can be applied to other industries such as automotive, urban electric vehicles or sports materials to develop alternative sustainable materials for plastic composites.

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