R&D project for AIRBUS: Digitisation of data for product development

The context

Players in the aerospace industry are constantly confronted with different sources of information when managing product implementation. The search and use of this data results in loss of time and productivity. The main barrier is the digitisation of data, which is key for product development.

The project

To address this issue and facilitate data transfer, Expleo has set up ASM – Aircraft Status Monitor – a web-based visual solution which creates a link between 3D models and engineering data. This software enables the selection and extraction of a certain number of engineering data within a 3D visual product. This visual project management solution enables to locate more easily the various types of documents related to the parts of a device or aircraft component, while limiting time loss throughout the product life cycle.

Expleo’s expertise in action

  • Product customisation
  • Software and design engineering

What’s next?

Anticipating future Product Data Management Systems, ASM is a typical example of short-term bottom-up implementation leading a long term transformation.

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