The context

The digitalisation of industrial processes and data makes it possible for manufacturers to evaluate the performance of a product over the long term. This also allows them to cross-reference product information in order to generate new and enhanced innovations. It is possible to perform simulation to anticipate certain difficulties and optimise manufacturing costs, product development time and data accuracy. By gathering design, stress, manufacturing and test expertise data, manufacturers can better secure the product design process. As part of the development of a new product, MITAC has identified a need for support on the simulation part of the product life cycle.


The project

ADFEM is a solution for the modeling and numerical simulation of structure calculation. Thanks to its extremely advanced calculation capabilities, ADFEM makes it possible to optimise the design of the parts of a structure while maintaining a guarantee of quality, control of costs and associated deadlines. ADFEM allows engineers to anticipate possible non-conformity by improving the design of the parts of a structure while taking into account many aspects and physics of the whole product lifecycle including manufacturing processes, tests and fatigue.

Expleo expertise put to work

  • End to end structural simulation
  • Hotspot mapping for FTV configuration
  • Generation of certification files
  • Correlation with test cell
  • Digitalisation of products
  • Configuration management

What’s next?

ADFEM can be applied throughout any product lifecycle from development to inservice.

Its adaptability to any mechanical simulation such as cars and helicopters leads to further development, and opens new opportunities.

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