Soon after the mass disruption of COVID-19 in Spring 2020, Expleo launched the Rebooting Ireland campaign, offering consultancy services to businesses that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford them. The Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) charity in Dublin got in touch, asking for help regarding their annual Christmas Appeal.

Santa (David Nugent) with Phil Codd, Managing Director, Expleo Ireland and Brian McLoughlin. Head of communication and fund raising, Inner City Helping Homeless,

DevOps in action

Our team set about building a responsive, next-gen web application that could support every device on every browser conceivable.

I’ve been in development for over 25 years and for me, this has been the most rewarding project that I’ve ever worked on. We’ve been able to use our software best practices and DevOps approaches to make a measurable impact on people’s lives.

Graeme Clarke, Expleo DevOps Global Lead

The aim is maximum value for minimum effort. Every decision and action is focused on the end outcome. In this case: how could we make it as easy as possible for people to donate?

Collaboration and communication is central to DevOps, making sure that all the right people are constantly working together, especially end users and customers.



This client story gives a unique insight into the collaboration during COVID-19. Combining the digital and the physical. DevOps translates into stacks of Santa boxes, each filled with gifts that come right from the heart.

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