Timely, cost-effective automation delivered on-demand using the Auto-Q accelerator


An Expleo public sector client develops and maintains an in-house Master Data Management (MDM) system which consists of many smaller software products combined. Their MDM system is used to provide a clean, de-duplicated data set from a number of difference sources. As an Application Under Test (AUT), the system consists of RESTful APIs, GUI applications, data mapping, transformation and migration functionality.



  • Aggressive timelines and high-visibility project dependencies meant regression testing was sacrificed in favour of delivery, introducing high levels of project risk
  • Reporting on test activities was complex and difficult to complete accurately
  • Manual testing effort was time consuming
  • Reuse of test components was limited

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Expleo Advanced Solutions Group


Expleo’s team was able to deploy our Auto-Q approach and supporting accelerator for test automation. This enabled the team to create a robust, easily maintained automation suite that allowed for the majority of regression test cases to be automated rather than manually executed for each release cycle.

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