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The context

With the goal of achieving an all electrical fleet, our client was looking to boost production of their electric vehicles. Blending electric engineering with classic design, these high performing vehicles have the potential to surpass Tesla and lead the electric revolution in transportation. The latest version can currently reach 500 km. To help them get to market fast, the OEM needed a supplier that could work with their internal core design team to install and integrate the complex traction battery systems. Having worked on this manufacturer’s vehicles and batteries previously, Expleo was the clear choice as a knowledgeable supplier.

The project

In electric vehicles of this performance level, battery installation demands time and resources. This is due to the level of complexity required to install the batteries. A supplier normally has to plan and manage the integration and design of related parts, battery trays, beams, cooling systems, busbars and brackets – a process that usually takes 3 years to complete. Our client, however, set the bar high, with a delivery goal of just 9 months. To achieve this, the Expleo team had to find a faster way to plan, design and install the batteries and their related parts.

The outcome

With timing being the main challenge, Expleo brought in the experience to get it right in a very short amount of time. They joined the OEM’s development team, working one-on-one with the client on-site to ensure clear communication and change management. They also harnessed Agile methodology to hold effective daily stand-ups with the client’s team, and integrated Taskforce ways of working to ensure strong project management and task prioritisation. Expleo worked to manage project scope and make the right decisions at the right time to speed up development. This also led to the creation of a new process for a project of this size and complexity – developing and testing the batteries simultaneously.

Throughout the project, Expleo controlled all aspects of the project from timing and development, to testing, problem solving and resource planning. This gave the internal team more time to focus on innovation and ensuring the cars exceeded customer expectations. By the end of the 9 months, Expleo delivered the complete integration of traction batteries and installation of busbars and brackets.

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