It’s not all work

Whisper it gently, but we think it’s ok to work hard and smile along the way. We believe it’s healthy to look forward to those out-of-office moments when you’re free to do your own thing. We want you to find satisfaction in your achievements both at work, and in the wider world.

We trust our people to find the work-life balance that’s most productive for them. We want all our people to enjoy a good quality of life, and our benefits packages are designed to help them achieve that.

Join the tribe

Whether in the office, working remotely or on location with clients, you’ll gain the support you need to get the job done to your best ability.

Expleo has encouraged autonomy in my role. I feel that I am trusted to get the job done, as I see best. That suits the way I work, and my career progression has accelerated as a result.


Join the tribe

It’s also ok to enjoy the company of your peers. Our people are constantly developing their networks and sharing ideas with colleagues who appreciate their curiosity in the world around us. Our mentorship programmes and commitment to personal development will help you to progress quicker and make the difference you aspire to achieve.

Become a bolder version of yourself

We are guided by shared values in all things we do: courage, excellence, collaboration, respect and accountability.

Courage: We are bold thinkers and doers, always ready to take on new challenges. We think of ourselves as entrepreneurs, matching creativity with vigilance.

Excellence: We are united by a shared ambition: change the game, together. Continuous performance is both an objective and a mindset.

Collaboration: Teamwork and emotional intelligence are what makes us stand out in a crowd. We stand shoulder to shoulder, with our clients and our peers, through good times and setbacks.

Respect: We are a hive of different profiles, and we place a high value on openness and transparency. We show respect, always.  

Accountability: We are reliable. We celebrate our successes, we take responsibility and learn from our failures. This is why we protect our “right to fail” as an opportunity to bounce back and progress.


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