Make an impact, where it matters most

Even the world’s most successful businesses are feeling disrupted by the rapid changes in technology. They are confronted with massive unpredictability. That’s where Expleo people make a difference. Clients can look to our people for inspiration and guidance, finding creativity and responsibility in the face of disruption.

The diversity of bold minds at Expleo empowers us to tackle our clients’ most complex challenges. Whether working on autonomous vehicles, green planes, the factories of tomorrow, or cyber security in financial services, you will be empowered to make a positive impact with your work.

Make an impact where it matters most

Gain the rewards your potential deserves

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to work on transformation projects for leading global brands, wherever they need you.

Our people often collaborate in small, autonomous teams or within our clients’ teams. You’ll gain the freedom to influence the business, acting on your own initiative. Your contribution will be recognised, within a flat organisational structure that provides easy access to senior management.

There are so many diverse workstreams, allowing you to upskill yourself in various disciplines. I’ve never felt that my career is stalling at Expleo.


For more experienced professionals, this is your opportunity to bring the fun and energy back to work. As part of the Expleo network, you’ll be invigorated in your chosen career.

And who knows? Within a few years, you may have taken it in a new direction. We develop our people in line with the direction that the industry is moving, ensuring that you upskill and learn continuously. When you progress, so do we.

International mobility

Travel is part of modern business, bringing opportunities to enhance your skills and appreciate new cultures. Being away from home also brings challenges, so we have dedicated relocation teams and packages to support your transition. Wherever you are in the world, you’ll feel part of Expleo.


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