We are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution and the pace of change is astronomical. Once-cutting edge technologies from three years ago are now mainstays of society. It seems that for every problem, there is a digital solution. 

That means that for enterprise, digital is no longer a choice: it is a necessity. Businesses are racing to be the first with the newest, boldest solutions that will guarantee loyalty from an increasingly transient, always-on customer base.  

How are Irish businesses responding to the rise of digital?

A hub for multinational companies, competition in Ireland is fierce as enterprises vie to be leaders in their respective markets. It has resulted in relentless innovation and now Ireland is placed seventh in the EU Digital Economy and Society Index. All the while, CIOs must navigate regional politics and skills shortages to ensure they stay ahead in spite of them. 

Expleo Ireland’s BTI Report

Expleo, in association with TechPro magazine, carried out a study to understand how IT decision-makers across the island of Ireland are approaching digital transformation, where the opportunities and challenges lie and how they are impacting their business. 

Business Transformation Report

A first of its kind in Ireland, our Business Transformation Index will delve into the key factors relating to this digital revolution, offering expert insights and advice on how businesses can become game-changers amidst the global din of digital. 

From Brexit to bots, sustainability to skills shortages, the report examines the most pressing issues faced by today’s business leaders. Harnessing Expleo’s global expertise in technology, engineering, quality services and management consulting, it will be an invaluable guide for business leaders and CIOs navigating digital change; helping them to boldly pave the road ahead and define the future. 

Download the report below: