During these uncertain times, there remains one constant – the unrelenting march towards technological innovation – powered by a profound spirit of collaboration between the scientific and enterprise spheres. The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the best of humanity, and the best instincts of the global business community: agility, adaptability, resilience.

These core attributes are reflected in the accelerated efforts of cross-sectoral enterprises towards future-proofing their infrastructure through digitisation. By harnessing the latest innovative tools at their disposal, companies can maintain a competitive edge and drive growth.

How are Irish businesses adapting to the current landscape?

Business models that incorporate the best people, processes and technologies are uniquely positioned to thrive, irrespective of external variables. Today, there is broad consensus among key decision makers across a myriad of industries that a confluence of the right tools with the right people will be central to sustained success, post-pandemic.

KPMG has recently predicted that 80% of revenue growth will be directly linked to digital offerings and operations by 2022, underscoring the pronounced need for IT leaders to continue transforming their operating models.

Expleo Ireland’s BTI Report

Expleo, in association with TechPro magazine, conducted a study to ascertain how business and IT decision-makers across the island of Ireland are approaching digital transformation and specifically, how the pandemic has altered their strategies. The Business Transformation Index provides a broad overview of the opportunities and challenges confronting businesses in today’s ever-changing environment, with expert insights outlining how businesses can level-up their digitisation efforts to drive company growth and maintain a competitive edge.

The report covers a wide remit of topics pertinent to cross-sectoral enterprises, from COVID-19, to the Environment, to Automation, to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Leveraging Expleo’s unrivalled acumen in areas such as technology, digital engineering and quality services, the Business Transformation Index will be an invaluable resource for a wide range of business leaders and CIOs, helping to inform sharper decision making in 2021 and beyond.

Download the BTI 2021 report below: