Expleo is delighted to unveil its first ever global Business Transformation Index (BTI) 2022, which provides a holistic overview of the core strategic attributes underpinning optimised business transformation initiatives for enterprises across the industry spectrum. 

We’ve captured the viewpoints of 1,030 businesspeople from large organisations across the world, with 71% of respondents at Director level+, including deep-level insights from executive managers, technology leaders and other representatives of line-of-business functions.

For the second consecutive year, the global business community has had to navigate a landscape of uncertainty, necessitating swift, decisive action at board level, while ensuring operational resilience is iron-clad. With customer-centricity firmly atop the business priority list, the importance of fast-paced innovation has never been more pronounced. Some of our findings give expression to the hyper-competitive nature of the current post-pandemic landscape, and provide actionable intel for enterprises seeking to up their game and embark on a strong arc of growth.

Explore Expleo’s ‘Bold & Reliable Index’

As part of the BTI 2022 report, we’ve established the ‘Bold & Reliable Index’, identifying the nine critical success factors that define effective business transformation programmes. Our unique index outlines how these steps can drive competitive advantages for businesses across a range of industry verticals. Based on these attributes, our ‘Bold & Reliable Index’ can categorise businesses into three segments: Starters (18%), Strivers (61%) and Stars (21%).

The parameters of the Bold & Reliable Index consider to what degree enterprises are embracing a ‘digital-first’ mindset; the level of significance leadership places on the digital imperative; the amount of focus on digital skills and training; and how adventurous enterprises are with regards to automation. Additionally, the Index gauges the ability of enterprises to effectively stick within predefined budgetary and time constraints, and how much they prioritise solution reliability, testing and quality assurance.

While many of the research findings have been characterised as eye-catching by early reviewers, the BTI 2022 report provides a compelling assessment of current challenges, but also opportunities for businesses to reimagine processes with a spirit of conviction.

Download the BTI 2022 report

Read the full Business Transformation Index 2022 report to discover how your organisation can adopt a best-in-class framework for transformation success. To assess how your organisation measures up against competitors and other industry players, and to find out how you can improve your digital and business transformation programmes, book a consultation here.