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    20 May 2020

    Reliability counts double during a pandemic

    Roy Scott, Account Director at Expleo, says the COVID-19 crisis has called for traditional values such as openness, teamworking and courage. Reliability might not sound an exciting word, but the results certainly are. Thanks to…


    11 May 2020

    Data Security: Making sure one crisis doesn’t lead to another

    Extraordinary circumstances lead to extraordinary measures. Many people now find themselves trying to work from home; for some, working from home is routine, but for many others it is new. The suddenness of the measures…


    28 April 2020

    Digital Workforce: Once a luxury, now a necessity

    The coronavirus pandemic has thrown us into a new world of working. Entire workforces have been evacuated from their offices and while many businesses suffer, others are struggling to cope with exponential increase in demand…