Designing the car and the cockpit of the future

Trim & lighting are increasingly important for wellbeing and safety

The role of light and interior design in the automotive industry is changing as fast as the technology that creates it. From passenger wellbeing and driver information to pedestrian safety and energy efficiency, there are valuable opportunities for OEMs and Tier1s to stand out in their competitive market, by offering ever more sophisticated trims and lighting.

With the advent of autonomous vehicles, the game is changing both inside and outside the car. Ambient lighting and responsive trims will improve the ‘feel’ of the driving experience, adjusting to and lifting the mood of the passenger. For example, imagine a car that allows you to choose whether to relax or concentrate on the way home from work.  

Intelligent exterior lighting, at both the front and back, will provide sensors for the car and warnings for pedestrians, as well as showing the way. The use of AI and virtual technology will improve navigation and provide content for head-up displays. In addition, the improvements in LED technology is inviting smaller, more efficient and greener lighting than ever before.

End-to-end expertise for joined-up trim & lighting

At Expleo, we are helping our clients to design and build the cockpits of the future. Our services range include full product and process development for plastic injected parts, e.g. door panels, body sides trims, instrument panel, tailgate, bonnet, bumpers.


Clients gain reliable technical solutions for plastic components with simultaneous concept of product and process enabled by the use of our own tools.  

Supplementary services range from supplier management including injection tools manufacturers to pre-tooling concepts and tool manufacturing follow up. 

In Lighting our experience in both interior and exterior lighting allows a seamless ‘whole car’ approach, avoiding the creation of dark zones at the margins. 

In particular, we offer comprehensive lighting expertise from simple to complex requirements with different technologies as Halogen, Xenon, LED, Laser, OLED, delivered by lean engineering and management with experienced project managers. We provide customer specific lighting solutions from concept to product incl. prototype/small-series production, as well as coordination of the full development process. 

Our network of partners provide additional support, e.g. assembly machines, fixture review, prototyping, and physical tests. 

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