Innovating electric power & signal distribution

Reliable management of the car’s central nervous system.

If the body-in-white is the bones of the car, then the electric power and signal distribution is the central nervous system. The average vehicle has 46 km of wiring, relaying electricity and information to every component. Autonomous technology, infotainment and hybridisation may generate the headlines, but they rely on the connective lines that run in the background.

Expleo works closely with OEMs to provide systems that are fully integrated in their engineering processes and standards. Clients gain cost efficiency with integration of local front offices and nearshore teams with western Europe quality standards, as well as the reliable expertise of internal management and the technical workflow optimisation that comes from repeat business.

One stop shop with a focus on quality

Our services include a one stop shop for wiring solutions, from design to production, alongside electrical schematic diagrams for all functions subdivided into several wiring systems. We offer wiring integration studies and management with other vehicle subsystems, and development of embedded parts – channels, grommets, brackets, etc.

As part of our service, we provide validation of 2D layouts and final products before assembly on manufacturer’s production site. We monitor suppliers’ performance by driving the modifications to meet quality, timing and cost targets, as well as assembly follow-up on vehicles’ production sites to supervise processes and identify savings.

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