Total confidence for the complete vehicle

Leveraging our global footprint, Expleo is helping OEMs build new models on existing platforms and introduce facelifts on running models.

Some vehicle lines become part of popular culture, carrying an enduring appeal across several decades. OEMs are understandably keen to extend the product life of their iconic models, whilst developing new ones for their wide range of audiences. Our ability to address every aspect of vehicle design and manufacturing allows clients to subcontract the redevelopment of an existing product line – such as producing a shorter car on the same platform – while they dedicate their energies to the creation of new car models.

For example, with its 30-year track record, the Megane has proved to be one of Renault’s most prolific family cars. When Renault decided to manufacture a hatchback version of the original sedan, in line with changing customer needs, we were asked to take on the complete design and manufacturing engineering. As a longstanding partner of Renault, we were proud to help bringing this new car to market.


Turn-key projects

Our ability to leverage near- and offshore resources in Romania, India and China releases clients to focus on core activities and subcontract complete turn-key projects. They benefit from optimisation of manpower and cost though lean organisations, with dedicated multi-skills teams.

Our complete car services include vehicle architecture, chassis, platform, powertrain, electric/electronics and top-hats, as well as performance setting, aerodynamics, crash, NVH, drivability, emissions and fuel consumption.

We provide high standards in accessibility, ergonomics, visibility and human-machine-interface, alongside styling convergence and A-class surfacing, as well as vehicle product design from style freeze, thought industrialisation product convergence through to final concept validation at start of production.

Clients also rely on our teams from process feasibilities, development and launch up until start of production and run at rate. We offer mule vehicle design, realisation and testing, full vehicle validation, components integration, HIL, road and track driving, and serial life management.

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