Chassis: decoupling the car from the road

How suspension and steering can create a ‘magic carpet ride’

Imagine driving to work or taking the kids to school on flying carpet. Pure fantasy? Well, that’s the effect that OEMs and Tier 1 manuafacturers want to create for their customers. Sophisticated suspension will anticipate the bumps and turns in the road, even potholes and hairpins, and allow the car to float over the top. For the driver or passenger inside, the outcome is pure comfort.


This vision of the future is already taking shape. Suspension and steering technology are key enablers for autonomous vehicles, putting people at the centre of the driving experience. By focusing on positive ways to influence human behaviour, chassis engineers are changing what’s possible in terms of performance and well-being.

Decoupling the car from the road

Silver Atena, part of the Expleo group, are pioneering e-suspension that uses stereo cameras to scan the surface of the road, allowing the car to ‘feel’ its way across every contour and bend. This ability to sense the road ahead means the suspension will ride the bumps and adjust stiffness, so the car can continue at the same speed, no matter the environment. A passenger could drink a glass of water when crossing a sleeping policeman without spilling a drop. By decoupling the car from the road, there is no roll or pitch, just a constant, stable ride.

Silver Atena has built its reputation on very short development times for series-capable device design, as well as a focus on usability and cost optimisation. Its typical application range in the automotive sector are drive control units for auxiliary units and chassis systems, as well as devices with fail-operational architectures for autonomous driving.

The benfits of partnering with Expleo include new system integration, ECU development including safety aspects with an experienced team, as well as cost down and localisation activities in day to day serial life mode including plant coordination. Clients gain project management by one time deliverables to project milestones, and project coordination in a global acting team.

Our chassis services include embedded systems, architecture design and validation (e.g. new ADAS functions), ECU concept and prototype development for suspension, brake and steering, as well as full scale development and serial life management on car platform level for axles, wheels, steering, braking and suspension.

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