Body-in-White: putting ingenuity at the core

Why reliable design services will become increasingly important

Body-in-White (BiW) is less trendy than ADAS or e-mobility, but its significance for the handling, safety and comfort of a vehicle should not be underestimated. Often referred to as the core or ‘bones’ of the car, BiW design will become increasingly important as the traditional shape of cars evolves to reflect the new realities of autonomous driving.


Likewise, the development of electric vehicles will call for innovation around the packaging of batteries, as well as new demands for crash testing. Brands will need to design new ‘top hats’ that can provide crossover for different models – which provides an opportunity for product differentiation in a highly competitive market. The search for lightweight materials and composites – such as aluminium, which can match the safety, performance and mass production qualities of steel – also opens the door to competitive advantage.

Reliable partner for both consistency and change

Our development engineers have experience of working on a wide range of vehicle types for major OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers – and across all areas of the BiW, from the front and rear end, and the driver’s cab. We can help you to shorten time to market thanks to fully integrated simulation of product processes. Alongside flexible engagement models – whether expertise, service centre, work package or turn-key, we can leverage near- and offshore resources in Romania, India and China.

Our services include full production process for body-in-white development, using steel, aluminum, plastics and composites. We offer expertise in architecture, performance setting, styling convergence and A-class surfacing, as well as design simulation with CAD / CAE integrated processes.

Clients also rely on Expleo for kinematic analysis for complex closures and convertible tops, full physical validation plans, manufacturing feasibility with simultaneous engineering (stamping, welding, painting & assembly) and detailed process design, layout, production for realisation management and commissioning. In addition, we deliver excellence with robotic process automation, cobotics, simulation and programming, as well as geometrical convergence and vehicle launch support.

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