Leading ADAS on the journey to autonomy

With Expleo, you can stay at the forefront of ground-breaking automotive technology by designing future-focused systems for autonomous mobility. With a vast knowledge pool of strategic engineering experts, you’ll get a panoramic view of your autonomous, automated and assisted driving and parking systems to plan and test wisely, reduce costs and accelerate speed to market.

The fifth stage of driverless vehicles – full autonomy in all environments – remains some way down the road. However, the industry is fast approaching the fourth stage on that voyage, by releasing vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS) systems that pilot cars autonomously in more controlled environments such as highways and traffic jams.

These frontrunners combine sensory information from cameras, radars, lidars and ultrasonic sensors, whilst managing cyber security and safety considerations with onboard diagnostics. Expleo is heavily involved with this ground-breaking technology, guiding our clients in their ADAS developments, e.g. for turn assist, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition to cross traffic alert, trailer assist, TSR, emergency brake assist, lane detection, high beam detection and autonomous valet parking or home zone parking.

We provide a high-level view of the architecture, helping clients to structure their complete vehicle system. Clients benefit from systematic reduction of costs and development time with re-use of ADAS safety/security expertise, based on a knowledge pool and our specific competence centres.

Our services for automated mobilit cover the full development cycle as well as software development for full V-cycle. We offer system design, including specification for sensors and analysing the fusion performance. From Systems design and architecture, to software architecture, we are experts in hazard analysis and safety concepts. Our teams have deep experience in algorithm development, including manoeuvre detection, object detection & tracking, trajectory calculation, TTC, image processing, pattern detection, sensor fusion, path estimation, free space detection (maps), sensor data processing and machine learning.

Virtual validation

This is a hugely exciting industry to work in, but challenging at the same time. For example, the need to balance the highest levels of validation against speed-to-market pressures is a source of huge complexity for manufacturers. We’re helping clients develop automated virtual validation, so they can test system adaptations for performance and safety in completely different environments, many hundreds of times, without the need for vehicles or people.

Our services in this field include also HiL-Systems, environment modelling, test operation, traffic and driving scene simulation (3D), map based track design, image injection. In adition we offer EXPLEO tools for efficient ADAS testing such as MODICA, TESTONA, MESSINA, Camera-HiL, and TRENTINO.

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