Human intelligence
at the forefront of technology

We may operate at the cutting edge of engineering and software, but we are a human company at heart. Our teams reflect the many cultures and languages of the technology world. We place huge value on the exceptional talent and problem-solving ability of our people. Their energy and ingenuity are central to our reputation as trusted partners for market leaders.

Think bold, act reliable

In today’s disrupted marketplace, our clients look to Expleo for experts with the curiosity and self-confidence to take the initiative. Our people are prepared to back their judgment and take measured risks in pursuit of excellence.

Alongside the courage to confront new challenges, our teams are known for robust delivery. We get the job done. Our willingness to seek out responsibility is a source of valuable resilience – and results in meaningful change for our clients’ customers.

Only team players need apply

Technical ability and creativity alone don’t make an Expleo employee. We only hire team players who revel in collaboration and who are respectful and responsible at all times. Trust and transparency contribute to an enjoyable working atmosphere. These qualities make a huge difference to clients, and they matter to every one of us here.


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