Your partner for change

Technology is changing the world in an unprecedented way, at an unprecedented rate. Navigating this era of disruption is one of the biggest challenges our clients face, and their operating models need to adapt.

With experts locally and globally, we work closely with you to match your individual business needs with the optimal mix of delivery options, ensuring the right delivery to complete projects on time, successfully and with the most return on your investment.

Best-shoring is a matter of equilibrium, weighing up flexibility, expertise and capacity as well as costs for large-scale projects. It’s not easy to find that balance, which is why we believe you need a wide combination of international expertise before you start transforming integral parts of your business.

We’re as global and local as you need us to be

With 15,000 employees and a worldwide presence in 30 countries, our global footprint includes excellence centres around the world with experience in a broad range of technologies across key industries. We have a strong pan-European and fast-growing North America and Asia presence with offshore centres located in Egypt, India, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Spain. Each one is set up to ensure the crucial factors of time, transparency, continuity, service quality, communication and cost savings are achieved.