Social, societal, and environmental responsibility is essential to our success and performance.
We are proud to be part of the United Nation’s Global Compact Agreement, which provides practical direction to help drive our global approach and local initiatives across the entire group.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is based on four pillars:
acting ethically, innovating for impact, caring for people and reducing environmental footprint.

Acting Ethically

Doing business with integrity is at the very core of Expleo’s values and is central to building trust-based relationships with our customers. We have launched two major global programmes to this effect:

  • An anti-corruption programme that includes our Code of Conduct, a roadmap to conducting business with integrity. Any situation or action contrary to this Code can be reported by internal or external whistle-blowers through our system. They are guaranteed full anonymity.
  • A programme aimed at protecting data (ours and our clients’) and at complying with all information security laws.

We are committed to continuously improving our teams’ awareness of this crucial topic, notably through training.

To find out more, visit our Ethics & Compliance page.

Innovating for impact

At Expleo, we transform technological expertise into concrete solutions for a greener, safer and better tomorrow.

We continuously strive to provide our clients with answers to their current challenges while anticipating their future needs. As their partner of trust, we help them reinvent the way we move and how our cities operate, the way we deliver healthcare and how we envision the possibilities beyond our atmosphere…

We also want to make a difference for the future, which means considering social and environmental sustainability for every project. We notably focus on the transition towards a more circular economy, on solving the challenges of clean, cheap and plentiful energy.

To guarantee impactful innovation – innovation that actually brings about change -, we have created an internal environment where innovation is encouraged and where our teams’ ideas are often the starting point for new projects.

To learn more about our vision of innovation, visit our Innovation with impact page.

Caring for our people

Our employees are our biggest assets, and we want them to feel like they all share one common culture and similar values.

This starts from the very beginning – recruitment -, with a strong focus on gender equality and disability inclusion, as we believe diversity enriches us all.

We also pride ourselves on offering everyone the opportunity to develop their skills and expertise, to design their own career path. We increasingly want to prepare our teams for the strategic competencies of the future, notably through increased training opportunities (dedicated online training, mentoring, reskilling…). As an international group, our structure also gives our teams the opportunity to learn from each other through cross-geography projects.

To guarantee our teams’ wellbeing, we promote a healthy work-life balance – including the right to disconnect – and strive to support our employees through life-changing events.

Reducing Environmental Footprint

Addressing increasingly pressing environmental and social challenges requires a joint effort from all economic actors, including us. That’s why, we, at Expleo strive to reduce ours and our customers’ environmental footprint, in alignment with the UN Global Compact.

To help our customers meet their complex environmental targets, we offer green solutions in diverse areas, including – but not limited to – greener air travel, zero-emission mobility, decarbonization strategy, and environmental service.

At Group level, we implement wide-reaching policies, notably focused on encouraging sustainable mobility (carpooling, bike-sharing…), reducing our buildings’ energy footprint and reducing our resource consumption.

This is just the beginning, as we will keep fulfilling and increasing our years-long commitment to sustainability in the future.