We are dedicated to protecting the health of our employees whilst ensuring business continuity and the highest standards of service delivery to our clients.

COVID-19: Our plan

As of today, we continue to operate in all 30 countries where we have operations, and we are delivering most of our client activities remotely. We have been able to switch over 80% of our workforce to deliver our client services remotely while maintaining high standard of cyber-security. We are still operating on-site, in line with health and safety guidelines, when our teams’ physical presence is needed to ensure continuity of our client operations.

Our business continuity plan covers four core areas:

  • We are supporting our clients’ business continuity response and ensuring minimal disruption to our service
  • We are ensuring safety of our people
  • We are preparing for future market needs
  • We are staying connected as a people and business network with our Expleo Communities

We are supporting our clients’ business continuity response and ensuring minimal disruption to our service

We were prepared as a business
  • We have assessed our business continuity capacities in all our locations globally, in line with our group business continuity plan requirements, covering both our onshore and best shore operations so there is no impact on global client delivery. Additional measures to ensure the continuity of work of our support functions and project and services delivery teams, have been implemented when needed.
  • Where necessary, we operate with external supplier backups when single individuals are assuming critical functions and no other team member is able to pick up their task if need be. We also implement shift teams to maximise resilience and minimise proximity when on-site presence is needed.
Staying close to our clients
  • Our teams are working closely with clients, to understand their changing needs and requirements. We are proposing solutions and services that can help and can be provided either remotely or on-site.
  • Some still require local onsite presence, such as manufacturing and industrial quality services, where physical presence on the factory floor is needed. We ensure that any on-site delivery is in line with local government health and safety requirements.
Successfully organising our capacity to work remotely for clients while ensuring the highest Cyber Security standards
  • We have organised our employees’ capacity to work remotely to provide our staff with the right home-office tools. We are today able to accommodate remote work for all staff receiving client’s approval to do so.
  • Our Cyber Security standards are amongst the most advanced in our industry and are maintained through the crisis via our 24/7 security operating center (SOC).
Managing critical suppliers’ service continuity
  • We identified critical suppliers and checked their continuity status. When suppliers could not guarantee business continuity, risk mitigations actions were taken, ranging from switching to a new supplier, identifying continuity resources internally at Expleo, or suspending services.

We are ensuring safety of our people

Switch to remote working
  • We now ask our employees to work remotely whenever possible and limit their commute, across all 30 countries we operate in. We ensure that any on-site delivery is in line with local health and safety requirements.
Hygiene and health measures to ensure a safe environment
  • Prevention and health advice has been communicated regularly to our staff in all our offices, aligned with local and global health organisations’ recommendations.
  • Large internal gatherings have been banned.
  • All employees who were in contact with an infected individual are requested to self-quarantine for 15 days.
Travel policy
  • We have banned all domestic and international business trips.
  • We are also keeping in contact with all employees located in regions under lockdown, expatriated or currently on a mission outside their home country.

We are preparing for future market needs

Pursuing our Learning & Development effort
  • Our leadership and People Services teams are making sure e-learning solutions are available for our staff currently at home.
Intensifying internal R&D
  • Our internal R&D capabilities are mostly not impacted by the crisis since they can be performed remotely. As a result, our research teams are fully mobilised and they intensify existing projects and launching new ones.
  • They are also involved in our community response activities, to support urgent needs from critical industries and public authorities in tackling the Coronavirus crisis.

We are staying connected as a people and business network with our Expleo Communities

Checking on each and every one of our employees
  • Management are asked to be in contact with their team members at least once a week, when not daily, to check on them and maintain engagement.
Keeping our staff informed, connected and inspired
  • We have launched an integrated Communications & People engagement program to keep our global staff informed and supported throughout the crisis, as well as facilitating the roll-out of continuity measures across the business.