Our industries are being constantly redefined by profound driving forces, enabled by digital technologies, that have the power to elevate or even destroy companies. This is why today, more than ever before, companies cannot afford to rest on their laurels or be overconfident. The pressure is on to change constantly, move with the times, adapt to  new realities and seize  new opportunities.

In this context, digital transformation is more than just  a buzzword; it has become a question of survival.

At the virtual Dublin Tech Summit in October this year, Expleo’s CEO Rajesh Krishnamurthy, took a deep dive into the Forces of Digital Transformation that are redefining business today:  

  • The technology leap
  • The creation of new business ecosystems to answer increasingly complex issues
  • The need to re-imagine new operations models for more efficiency and agility
  • An increased demand for personalised experiences
  • The constant evolution of regulatory frameworks.

“Companies that succeed will be the ones that react faster and better. They will act without fear. CEOs need to ask themselves: how do I bring my people on the path of digital change?”

Rajesh Krishnamurthy