Digital technology: A source of confidence, resilience and loyalty?

Global spend on IT by financial services was $ 440 billion in 2018, and this outlay is expected to rise to $500 billion by 2021. Indeed, banking and financial services are often held up as early adopters of digital transformation, compared to other slower-moving industries. Yet, this doesn’t reveal the full picture. There are still plenty of opportunities for technology to confront the underlying challenges for Financial Institutions (FIs).

What are the key trends moving forward?

All FIs are digitising their customer journeys end-to-end, and scaling-up digital transformation. They are finding more agile ways of working, boosting productivity, building key skills of the future in-house and modernising with targeted investment in technology, data and information.

Those that can adapt to changing customer expectations, both affordably and securely, will set the pace in the 2020s.

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