Accelerating digital transformation

In 2018, the boundary lines between car companies and tech providers continued to blur. The challenges and opportunities around disruptive technology for the traditional automotive players, as well as those new entrants to the industry such as computer firms, are fast maturing into business as usual. The conversation has evolved from “what does this mean for us?” to “here’s what we’re doing about it”.

What are the key trends moving forward?

Fully autonomous driving is still some way down the highway, but the technology around Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is accelerating towards that destination. This year’s car shows have already revealed a wide array of fascinating prototypes. As the worlds of car manufacturing and technology continue to collide and merge, the premium on skilled people – and flexible teams – with the right technical and domain expertise will continue to grow in step.

The race is on to build tomorrow’s mobility, but that means ensuring the uncompromised safety of products, people and our planet. The future will need some bold thinking, but also plenty of rigour. Fuelled by both, our destination will be much closer by the end of the decade.

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